Monthly Archives: December 2011


‘Wanguard’ is a small, nice robot that must destroy as many enemies as possible to survive inside the arena in which it is located.

The score increases with the number of enemies killed.

The enemies are explosive balls that increase in number and chase Wanguard to destroy it.

Control the little robot is very intuitive and fun.

CONTROLS: Arrow keys to move, key ‘A’ to fire, space to reload the level…



Wanguard artificial intelligence experiment

In the game Wanguard there is a first rudimentary experiment of artificial intelligence for the enemies.

It is an attractive force directed towards the main character.

Crazy Ball Mania!

Crazy Ball Mania is an arcade / platform game where you must guide a ball through various levels until you reach the finish line. In the various levels you will find obstacles, ramps, enemies and even bonuses that increase the time available.