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Unlimited attraction!


This game is dedicated to my wife Serena.

Desura Digital Distribution

Unlimited attraction is an action game with a marine setting for PC.
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The aim of the game is to get the bonus (placed randomly in the scenario) with the highest number of creatures attached to the main character.

When the main character is close enough, the little fish are hooked to it and follows it.

For each bonus taken, you take as many points as the number of fish hooked.

Each collision with the small fish causes the creation of barriers that, when touched, they lose points!

There are leaves / traps that, if touched, generate a bubble of acid that encloses the character for a few seconds.

When you become trapped by the obstacles you can shoot a destructive bomb to be free.

Collision with obstacles: -1 point.

Three game modes:

  • NORMAL – The rocks are fixed.
  • CHAOS – The rocks are moved at regular intervals.
  • FREE – There are no rocks.

Two display modes:


Two speeds of the characters:

  • HIGH.

Best features:

  • 100 random levels
  • three game modes
  • two camera modes
  • unpredictable dynamics
  • mixed strategy for action
  • unforeseen obstacles
  • free action
  • marine scenery