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Neverending Motion!


This game is dedicated to my son Vittorio.

Neverending Motion – Trailer

Get the Neverending Motion Android app from SlideME.

Neverending Motion is an action game physics-based.

The aim of the game is to get the bonus (placed randomly in the scenario)using the magnets positioned on the ground.

The magnets have a force of attraction that lasts 1 second, but may be reactivated by the collision with the main ball.

There are ghosts that follow every movement of the ball, and you can choose whether or not they can be lethal.

The number of ghosts increases according to the level.

The number shown on the main ball indicates how many magnets can still be placed.

Three game modes:

  • NORMAL – The obstacles are positioned in a regular manner.
  • CHAOS – The obstacles are randomly placed.
  • FREE – There are no obstacles.

Two display modes:

  • NORMAL – The camera is fixed.
  • DYNAMIC – The camera follows the direction of the main ball.

Two ghost speeds:

  • NORMAL – Normal speed.
  • HIGH – Double speed.

Two ghost modes:

  • NORMAL – The ghost is a simple obstacle.
  • LETHAL – The main ball will be destroyed by the collision with the ghost.

Best features:

  • 100 random levels
  • three game modes
  • two camera modes
  • two ghost modes
  • strategy and action