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Back to Life is a platform game based on physics.

The setting is biological / cell and the protagonist is a beneficial cell that needs to revive the dying cells of a tissue .
In each level you will need to bring back to life at least 90 % of the cells , and to do this the player must jump over them or fly over .
Each level has a time limit to complete.
All levels are generated in a procedural manner , and the size of the organic tissue gradually increases according to the levels themselves.

Back to life Back to life

There are two types of enemies :

  • Virus – is an enemy that passes over the tissue cells and kills them , necessitating a new revitalization.
  • Bacterium – is an enemy that chases the cell protagonist and , if touched, decreases the time available .

The organic tissue are also present BONUS , which are beneficial cells that , if touched , exploding increasing the time available.
Summary of features:

  • full procedural generation
  • 200 unpredictable levels, load/save current level
  • multiple bonuses
  • multiple enemies
  • three camera modes
  • two game speeds
  • two game difficulties
  • two gravity modes
  • two cell modes

Each level is generated by the algorithm perlinNoise and so it is always different and unpredictable.

On the top of the screen there is a map that helps the player to understand the way to go.
The size of the playing field gradually increases with the increase of the levels.

There are two new features in the game:

Dynamic Cells : a new game mode in which the cells are floating in space.
Power UP bonuses: bonuses that allow you to revitalize many neighboring cells simultaneously.


Back to Life video 3

Back to Life video 4

Back to Life video 5

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