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“Back to life 3”: initial ideas and concepts!

Here are the changes from the previous game:

Revolutionary new engine for the regeneration of tissues: the modular bubbles.
The beneficial bubbles will be created from existing ones, by joining the edges.
The working prototype is ready.

New completely improved organic scenarios , beautiful and enriched with new living objects.

– New types of enemies in addition.

– New types of bonuses in addition.

– Two new beautiful worlds.

– New types of dynamic obstacles and barriers.

Saving scores and personal statistics.

– New soundtrack.

All this will be “Back to Life 3″!

Below there is a video demonstration of the “Composable Bubbles Engine (CBE).”
This is just a video of the prototype, WITHOUT GRAPHICS:


“Back to Life 2” Help, updates and new collaborations.



Little help for PC:

Click on the screen > move the character .
Spacebar > filling mode or reload current / next level .
Escape > exit game .

Objectives of the game…

The aim of the game is to revitalize the organic tissue (at any level) with the ” beneficial bubbles ” that are drawn from the main character ( “back to life … “). To close the drawing of the bubble must return to the starting point of the ” design ” ( indicated by the yellow arrows ) . In the design phase of the bubble, if the red contours are touched by an enemy or by the protagonist himself, then the construction of the bubble explodes and is canceled. To pass each level you have to fill ( revitalizing ) with the ” beneficial bubbles ” a certain percentage of organic material present in the playfield ( the percentage covered / required is displayed in the lower-right corner of the screen) . There are 300 levels divided into three worlds. With increasing levels appear new enemies and new bonuses. Each level has a time limit to be exceeded, visible in the upper-left corner of the screen. The final goal of the game is to overcome all 300 levels of the three worlds, to complete the mission of the small beneficial cell.
Once created, the beneficial bubble ‘crystallises’ after a few seconds (and turns blue). If the main character touches a bubble crystallized, it explodes decreasing the percentage covered. This was done also to improve the ‘strategic’ side of the game. At the top right of the screen is also a MAP that helps you to orientate in the exploration of the level.

Progression of levels…

The game has 300 procedural levels divided into three worlds.
Every five levels, the size of the playing field increases, and also increases the number of random barriers.
With the advance of the levels you have always new types of enemies and bonuses.
In the second and third world, there are also obstacles (large cells) fatal (red) and non-fatal (blue).

The following changes were made:

  • Improved playability and fluidity on mobile devices.
  • bubbles “removable”: to increase playability, the crystallized bubbles explode when touched by the protagonist.


SFI Splash


The music of the game will be made by sfx-composition.

In terms of graphics has been improved visualization of the beneficial bubbles: they are now much smoother and more luminous.