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Back to life 2 Android review

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Back to life 3 – final prototype videos


New videos of the game prototype, without graphics:


Back to life 3 – The story!

The adventure of little beneficial cell arrives at the last chapter.
After being passed through the underground and water scenarios in the preceding chapters, now has to make the final difficult mission: to revitalize the VEGETABLE ENVIRONMENT.

In this latest adventure, the little cell cross biological scenarios always different and beautiful, full of pitfalls growing and full of obstacles always unpredictable.

Our protagonist will find while traveling various bonuses that will facilitate your journey.

To revitalize the organic tissues this time the small cell will use a new method: the modular bubbles!
Drawing filaments plant and joining them, the small cell will create a sort of web that will have its own beneficial  bubbles that will save the fabric.

During his trip the cell will encounter enemies, barriers and obstacles of all kinds.

And now … Back to Life!!

leafB      leafB-2


Objectives of the game

The aim of the game is to fill with organic filaments a certain percentage of the playing field.
These organic filaments will create bubbles that can be joined together by means of the vertices.
To pass each level you have to fill the required percentage within a time limit, paying attention to the barriers, obstacles and enemies present.
The bonuses will facilitate your journey.

Back to life 3: Composable Bubbles Engine (CBE)


This engine allows you to create bubbles using vertices of existing ones.

Below there is a video demonstration of the Composable Bubbles Engine (CBE).”
This is just a video of the prototype, WITHOUT GRAPHICS:

Back to life 3: in-game statistics


Have been developed the game stats, so you can save / load these data during the game.


Now the prototype of the game is complete, and begins the testing phase WITHOUT GRAPHICS AND SOUND.