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Unlimited Escape 2 – BEYOND THE LEGEND

Unlimited Escape 2 – BEYOND THE LEGEND

Unlimited Escape 2 - Beyond the legend


Unlimited Escape 2: work in progress!!

new scenarios

With this new version of the game, there will be new and richer scenarios generated procedurally.

new gameplay

New system for the guidance of the prisoners: by enabling or disabling the ‘Group Point’ in the position of the protagonist, the prisoners will follow our hero to the point of rescue.

new enemies

There are five types of enemies, of different size, speed and danger.

new dynamics

With the new system of grouping of prisoners, the dynamics of the game are even more fascinating.

new traps

The biggest enemies, if they are killed, they leave a lethal ‘trap’ in the maze.

new enemy interaction

Now the enemies will follow you only when the ‘Group Point’ is active.