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Unlimited Escape 4 – The Arena!


“The Arena” is a variant of Unlimited Escape 3 with many new suggestions!

new map

This time there are no labyrinths or paths, but the map will be flat (the

new traps

Mobile platforms have been increased!

new obstacles

The obstacles are subjected to gravity and simply obstruct the path of enemies.

new holes

There are lethal holes in the map!

new effects

The lighting effects have been improved!


Unlimited Escape 3 – Lost in Space (ideas and concepts)

Our hero arrives at the beginning of a new adventure, this time immersed in deep space with new unknowns and news!

New features:

new space scenery

The setting has been completely renovated.

Now our hero will walk in space scenarios immersed in the galaxy, with new emotions and feelings!


new paths

This time the random paths have been simplified and ramps are floating in space with the danger that the protagonist and the prisoners fall into the void.
All this brings new difficulties and emotions!


new gameplay

was changed once again the gameplay, with new and more fluid guidance system of the prisoners.
This system leaves much more freedom of action.


new help system for prisoners

Now the prisoners are guided taking selected the point of grouping and moving it freely.

The coupling distance has been reduced to a more realistic!


new types of enemies

Were doubled types of enemies: now we got to ten types!
Each type has its behavior and its speed, as well as its resistance to gunfire.
New types of enemies follow the protagonist even if the Point Group is active!
It gets harder!


new traps

Each level has some important news: mobile platforms.
These platforms floating in space will give more life and difficult in the paths of our hero.


new bonuses

The big news of this version of the game are bonuses, created in a unique way!
These bonuses are movable objects placed randomly in different levels, can be moved by the protagonist and represent a protection from enemies, who will die in collisions with these items!
In this way, the gameplay is more diverse with new hideouts and tactics.


new fun!

All these innovations make “Unlimited Escape 3” a game more and more unique, fun and endless !!