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The team C.D. Studio closes, but the dreams remain!

The team C.D. Studio closes, but the dreams remain.


After years of fun and games made, it was decided to terminate the activities. The reasons are many, but the biggest one is that our organization and our resources are too small to realize the dreams and games that we really would like.

The dreams however remain, and in the future maybe this videogames factory will be reborn in a different and renewed light!



For any kind of contact you can use the following email addresses:

(Carlo D’Apostoli, founder and game designer)


The Worm – the evolution of Legendary Ball



The Worm is a game that mixes the classic with innovation!

The protagonist is “the worm”, he stretches every time you turn onthe blocks below and he can not touch his body with his head.

With the button turbo / god modethe worm rushes impulsivelyand can destroy enemies!

The mazes are always random and unpredictable because they areprocedurally generated.

The goal is to tap more blocks as possible to pass the levels!
Good fun!

Help for PC

Mouse click and move: movement of the worm.
Spacebar: turbo/god mode.
Escape: exit game.

The Worm